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COMPASS/SUNDIAL Made in America and embellished with a Hand Engraved Compass Rose. Tested by Diane and actually WORKS.    $149.00  SOLD!!!

Western Style Hand Engraved 'Pill" box. Can be lined and used to store all manner of precious items...including pills!  $127.00

"Snuff" Can. Made out of nickel and Hand Engraved with Western Scroll surrounding a Bucking Cowboy! It can be used for snuff, just insert the can and throw away the paper lid, but is perfect for a small storage for those items that get tossed onto the dresser. A lining of felt makes it perfect for almost any use.                 $135.00 SOLD

A Nickel 'Pill" box, perfect for storing all those small and easy to lose items...including pills. It measures about 1 1/2" across and just under 1" deep, with a hand engraved Rose on the top.        $127.00

Snuff Can done in Brass. Engraved for my wife, she decided to not keep it. It can be used for almost anything, including snuff. A felt lining would make it the perfect storage place for many loose items.    $157.00  SOLD